Glam Seamless Tape-in Extensions Review

glam seamless


If there is one thing I obsess over more than makeup, it is hair extensions. For years I have been using clip-ins, at one point in my hair extension journey, I even got sew- in extensions (bad idea). But, when the opportunity recently presented itself for me to try tape-in extensions, I jumped on it!

For the past year, tape-in extensions have become the go-to type of semi-permanent hair to turn to. I was just thinking about purchasing some, when I stumbled upon Glam Seamless hair extensions. They had a WIDE variety of colors to choose from. Being that I have a honey blonde balayage/ombre type hair style going on, picking a color to match is usually nearly IMPOSSIBLE. The Glam Seamless team went ahead and matched my hair to a recommended color, and when I say it was a perfect match, that’s an understatement. These ombre tape-ins were an identical match to my real hair! I currently wear the #3/14b ombre tape-ins (chocolate brown to bronzed dark blonde).

The quality of this hair has surpassed my expectations, they are just the perfect amount of thickness and length- my pack had 40 strips, 100 grams of hair, and are 20-22 inches long! The hair lasts around 3 months in your head on account of you taking good care of them. The hair is also reusable. You just need new tape the next time around, which can also be purchased on the Glam Seamless website.

So far, I LOVE getting to wake up and having long, luxurious hair already attached! Taking care of them is easy as well, you just need to brush them often and make sure to get them nice and dry after getting out of the shower. However, I do have to say if you are someone who enjoys washing your hair every single day, than do not get tape-in extensions, because you will spend majority of your life blow drying these things.

For all of you out there who are not familiar with hair extensions and how it works, check out the Glam Seamless website, they give you a rundown on any questions you may have! I suggest to always do your homework before making a commitment to something- especially when it has to do with your hair!


6 thoughts on “Glam Seamless Tape-in Extensions Review

  1. Have you tried their clip in line?

    Also did tape ins damage or pull your hair out? When you washed your hair is it hard to flat iron close to the root, or is that covered?


  2. I can answer those questions. I have tried most of the major brands of tape in extensions, for example Donna Bella, Babe, Zala and now Glam. I have very thin fine hair and unless one of the wefts gets yanked out some how they do not damage your hair. They say to buy a remover to take them out but I just use a bit of baby oil or olive oil and it is cheaper and works just the same. In my opinion Donna Bella last a long time. They may not be the softest but I have had mine for a year and a half and they still look good. Babe are amazing, they are super soft and they stay in really well. You can only get them through a stylist though or on ebay and they are expensive. I was so excited about the Zala extensions and I have to say the quality was totally disappointing. I had them in about a week and them were a dry frizzy mess. On me when they get frizzy like that it looks COMPLETELY ridiculous because my natural hair is so thin and fine. I removed them in less then 2 weeks after being told they were the “Cadillac” of hair extensions. I am now a TRUE and FAITHFUL Glam Seamless fanatic! For the price they are my favorite, they are soft and thick and I am hooked. Sorry I have never written a review before so these are just my humble opinions that I thought I would share to hopefully save some of you time, disappointment and MONEY! Thank you


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